Affiliate management system

Give your business an exponential growth by integrating affiliate system to your business.Promote your product or service by sharing a commission and bonuses with your affiliates

boost your sales x20 times more

Integrate the affiliate system with your existing services in one click easy to use, integrate MLM model or create a saas web app with help of our affiliate management system.

Drive traffic
Get more visitors on your websiute as affiliates promote your product/service
Better SEO
Rank on search engines organically
Keep a good track of your all affiliates and pay them their commission easily
Earn users
Earn your won users without doing anything
Get leads
Generate better leads and sell them your product/services
Integrate the affiliate management system with any system
Send Estimates To Clients
Negotiations and estimations can be sent out to clients to avoid any miscommunications.
Expense Management
Admin and account departments can access and manage the expenses done with each project and employee
Payment Management
It helps users to access and manage payments with ease. Brings much needed transparency to the system.
Generate Reports
Get custom report of all your links and sales easily
Send Emails
Send Automated emails to the affiliates and customers
Assign Roles To Users
Assign roles and permission to the each user of the system

Project, Just the best !

Create A store or website

Easy user onboarding

Earn Customer Loyalty

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